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Sa wat dee from Bangkok!

Bangkok is the busiest place we have ever been. Just being in the city is an adventure in itself, the motorcyclists are crazy.  The most number of people we have seen on a scooter is 5- (the family wagon).

On our first day we visited the Grand Palace which was amazing in both size and detail. In the afternoon we visited more temples including the the marble temple and the reclining Buddha where we dropped 118 coins into 118 metal buckets so that the gods could hear us and grant us good luck.

On day two we drove to the north of bangkok and took a ride down the canals in a long-tail boat to get to the floating markets.  Such a different way of life-see photos!

Today we took an original Thai style cooking class! We learnt how to make the best curry pastes and a range of other dishes.  Surprisingly, even i could cope with the chili.  The other nice surprise about being in bangkok at this time of year is that it is the annual ‘national vegetarian festival’, so all the shops serving vegetarian food display little yellow flags in their windows…perfect.

Off to visit the night markets now…

Ladies conducting their buisness Thai style

Ladies conducting their business Thai style

Hanging out at a local farmer's house

Hanging out at a local farmer's house

Outside the Marble Temple

Michelle and 'teacher' at the Thai cooking class

Michelle and 'teacher' at Thai Cooking class


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